Inspired by nature


While pursuing his bachelor's degree, our founder Idris developed a passion for researching health-related topics. However, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic that his interest took on a new intensity. Leading him to immerse himself in the realms of Health Promotion and explore the intricacies of Plant Protection and Sustainability.  Idris embarked on insightful visits to local beekeepers across the UK. There, he uncovered the extraordinary healing properties of raw, unprocessed honey, laying the groundwork for the birth of Honeyngreens. 

The Mission - What's next!


However, the vision extended beyond this initial venture, as he delved into infusing honey with wholesome ingredients to elevate its flavour and nutritional value, while also prioritising the sourcing of the most unique and ethically produced honey from around the world.

Our brand name comes from this perfect union - 'Honey' for the hardworking bees that make our honey, and 'Greens' for the plant superfoods that we use. We believe in the importance of authentic, nourishing, and delicious products for your body and skin.

Company's Value


We source the most rare, exquisite natural honey varieties, from nature to your table, ensuring a healthier you and a greener planet.

We work closely with local beekeepers and beekeeping cooperatives in the UK and around the world who adhere to sustainable and ethical practices. All our hives are regularly checked to ensure the health of the hive and the bees. With every purchase, you contribute to supporting beekeepers and their families in rural communities, both locally and internationally.

Food and safety compliance

We have achieved the highest standard in food hygiene, earning a 5-star rating. This ensures full compliance with the law and guarantees that our products are produced and handled with the utmost care and cleanliness.


C4 sugar analysis is an internationally recognised method for detecting adulteration in honey. We regularly send our honey to the best labs for thorough testing, ensuring it meets the highest standards of pure, natural honey.

ORGANIC CERTIFIED. Food as it should be.

We are proudly certified by the Soil Association, authorising us to manage and produce certified organic honeys. Our collection features exceptional varieties, including our organic Matcha Honey, Spanish Oak Honey, and Lavender Honey.


Our production process is designed to minimize our impact on the environment and keep our bees safe and happy. We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using eco-friendly solutions in our products and packaging.

We're excited to educate you about our wonderful superfood ingredients via our social media and website. Join us as we work hard to make use of nature's best!