What We Do and Don't : Crafting Our Honey the whole process

No middleman involved - we personally seek out passionate beekeepers like Matthew. They nurture their bees in the beautiful landscapes of Staffordshire and Warwickshire. Ensuring our honey reflects the natural country of British flora


Our trusted local beekeepers send us the best honey. Each jar of Honeyngreen's delectable flavors reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Honey out of comb

Traditional honey extraction process, which hasn't changed much in over a century, involves removing the wax cappings to reveal the honey beneath. Then, we place the frames in a centrifuge and spin for about 10 minutes. This method preserves the honey's natural values.

Gently Warm

Our honey is gently warmed below 40 degrees Celsius, a standard and common practice among beekeepers to make it more manageable while preserving its natural qualities. High heat is a no for us; it destroys the beneficial components.

Lab Testing

Then, we send the honey to the best labs for thorough testing to ensure its purity and freedom from artificial additives. Nothing removed or added!

Test Result

The result analyses carbon isotope ratios in whole honey and protein content, revealing any added sugars. A minimal difference (≤ 7%) confirms pure, high-quality honey.

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We create, you relish!

Our honey is a tantalizing gift from nature itself, crafted by bees to offer you a finger-licking superfood brimming with pure goodness.

Nourishing &Authentic. Beyond ordinary, Beyond doubt..