Proven Ways To Reduce Body Fat With Honey

Proven Ways To Reduce Body Fat With Honey

Most people believe that eating foods that contain a lot of fat leads to obesity. However, it is the consumption of excess processed sugar that is responsible for that.

When the body receives processed sugar, it raises the blood sugar level, causing the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin is a hormone that triggers the body to store sugar as fat. So the more unnatural sugar that goes into the body, the more fat it stores.

Honey contains sugar. But unlike processed sugar sources, raw honey contains natural sugars along with healthy vitamins, minerals, acids, and enzymes.

Can honey burn fat?

When ingested moderately, honey is an excellent aid to body fat loss thanks to its appetite suppressant abilities. Some active components in honey, such as phenol and flavonoid, also influence fat metabolism by enhancing lipolysis and preventing lipogenesis, the formation of fats from excess glucose.

Honey has also demonstrated anti-obesity effects in various studies. If you’ve ever wondered, does honey reduce fat in the body? The simple answer is yes.


Read along to discover 4 of the best and easiest ways to use honey for fat loss: 

Replace sugar with raw honey in your diet

Naturally occurring sugar differs from sugar that has been processed or added to food products.

The former is accompanied by vitamins and minerals, which help slow down the digestion of food, releasing sugar more slowly and providing the body with more sustained energy. The latter hits the body much faster with a truckload of calories and “no nutritional value at all” as revealed by Samantha Cassetty, a registered dietician nutritionist, in an interview with Real Simple.

Honey’s natural sugar content makes it a healthier alternative than added sugar. It does a solid job taking sugar’s place in cereals, beverages, breakfast toppings, desserts, and more.

Using raw honey instead of sugar helps to reduce weight gain, as honey has a lower glycemic index than sugar does. This means energy is being released into the blood at a slower speed, stabilizing the blood sugar levels and preventing excessive production of insulin (which increases body fat). 

Take honey first thing in the morning

A clean and healthy digestive system is especially important during a weight loss journey.

Raw honey is beneficial for the digestive system as it contains prebiotic properties that can stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. It also contains nutrients and enzymes needed to break down food into smaller particles. This makes digestion easier and faster. These nutrients also improve the detoxification of the liver and intestines, making them expel waste from the body more efficiently, reducing irritation and bloating.

Taking 1-2 spoons of honey in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning cleanses the digestive system and keeps it on the right track throughout the day.

According to research, honey is also an appetite suppressant, meaning it can promote a feeling of fullness. This could aid in weight management by reducing cravings for sugary or high-calorie snacks throughout the day.


Take honey before bed

The Honey Diet, a book by pharmacist and sports nutritionist, Mike McInnes, reveals that taking a tablespoon of honey every night before bed will give your body exactly the right type and quantity of food it needs to burn off excess weight during the night and promote deep, long-lasting sleep.

Honey is made up of approximately 40% fructose and, as found in McInnes’ research, fructose stabilizes blood sugar levels and activates recovery hormones that burn more body fat.

Note: Honey found at the grocery store isn’t ideal for this exercise as it has already been processed, killing the necessary enzymes and nutrients. Only pure, natural honey contains the nutrients and enzymes that stimulate the body's metabolism and increase its fat-burning capacity.

Take honey before exercise

Honey is an easy-to-digest carbohydrate, which makes it an ideal pre-workout snack. It gives an initial quick energy boost and subsequently releases energy slowly, helping to maintain blood glucose levels. These things would help you exercise for prolonged periods while maintaining your cognitive functions.

A study involving 10 subjects required to run on a treadmill for 65% VO2max for 60 minutes. After that, the researchers required the subjects to rest for two hours and then gave them a choice between plain water or honey to drink. Eventually, the performance for the honey trial elicited +9.6% in comparison with plain water.

Taking a spoon of honey when dieting and before exercise also fuels the body with just the right balance of simple and complex carbohydrates to promote fat-burning during the workout, while preventing muscle loss.



Honey is more than a sweetener—it's a necessary ingredient in any weight loss journey. By swapping processed sugars with raw honey, embracing a morning honey ritual, incorporating it into bedtime routines, and making it a pre-exercise companion, one can harness its multifaceted benefits.

As you navigate your wellness journey, consider incorporating our pure honey into your routine. It supports your body's natural processes, potentially aiding in weight management. Take a step toward a healthier lifestyle by choosing the simplicity of nature.

Find our varieties of pure honey here, and explore the impactful ways it can complement your well-being.


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